Most of my work is inspired by fashion, or at least design outside the culinary world. Yet people always ask me to make a cake that looks like their purse. Why do you want to eat your purse! This blog can be a learning tool for you and an outlet of self expression for me:) No more purse cakes! Enjoy!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mustache Party!!!!

I know what you are thinking.....What does this have to do with fashion?  Well here's the thing.  Mostly, this blog will be things I create based on a certain fashion inspiration.  But, sometimes I get to do a project that I love and just have to share.  So this post is mainly inspired by pop culture! 

A couple weeks ago my friend Candace asked if I would make her son's first birthday cake.  His name is Major! name ever!  Of course I said yes; especially because she wanted to create a "Little Man" birthday party with a mustache theme.  Done!  I have always wanted to make a mustache cake.  Weird.  I know!  But true.

So let's look at some pop culture references shall we.  See, lots of celebrities grow mustaches.  It seems to be a fashion trend from time to time. 

Here is James Franco with a mustache....

And Zac Efron....

Newly Oscar'd Ben Affleck...sporting both mustache and beard...thank you Ben.
Classic mustache by Tom Selleck...

Oh and here is Sandra Bullock pretending to have one....

And last but not least....
Phylicia Rashad???

Wasn't it Clair Huxtable who said you can't eat cake for breakfast??  I disagree!

Okay let's get to it! So this first thing we need to do is cover the cakes in fondant and texture the edges.  I am going for a vintage look.....

So I use my gumpaste tool to mark the edges.  Stay with me.....

I bought this Black Onyx cocoa powder in Austin when I was out there judging the Austin Cake Show ( and I want to use it to "age" this cake.   I made the marks with the gumpaste tool for added drama.

So I am just using a dry paintbrush to work the cocoa into the fondant and rough it up a bit....

I looks ruined.  But it's not!!!  Stay with me....

I thin a little cocoa with vodka and splatter the whole cake....this is super fun, by the way.  I think
I want to be Jackson Pollock when I grow up!!

Now for the staches!!!  I am going to cut most of them out by hand but you can use a cutter.  There are many on the market.

This one I traced first with a gumpaste tool and then cut out using an Xacto knife....

Here is another one.  I use the same tool to add texture.  Oh I am doing a whole blue and brown thing.....forgot to mention that.

It's coming together!!!

Looking good.  I am gonna add some frames as well but I want to get started on the other treats.

First....the smash cake.  So, many times when a child turns one, a smash cake is provided for he or she to rip into...because it's a.)funny and b.) probably their first taste of sugar.  This one is going to be a mustache of course:))

I baked a 6 inch round and used a circle cutter to score it....

Then I cut it into a wave shape by following the lines.....this way it is even....

Then I flip one over and sculpt them....

Now they are ready for a crumb coat....

Now I will chill the cakes and then pipe the mustache with a medium star tip...

It doesn't have to be perfect, just follow the lines and have fun!!  Here it is.

So cute!  If I could grow a mustache made of chocolate, I would never shave!!!  But then again, people would be constantly trying to eat my face.  Okay never mind;)

Here's another fun treat.  I love to make caramel corn.  So I have decided that bags of this sweet popcorn will be favors for peeps to take home.  But we have to "stache" it up a little!

I got these mustache stickers from the craft store and will use them to decorate the bags before I fill them....

Die!  Too cute!

Okay let's finish the cake.  I added a couple frames with this purple fondant.  It can be any color because I am going to paint them with black food coloring for a shiny look.  Purple is just what I had to get rid of!

So here you can see the purple and the black.  The frames were just cut and molded by hand.

Here he is!!!

And here are some shots from the party!

Mustache cupcakes!!!

So a big thank you to my friend Candace for letting me go wild!  And a super HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Major!!!


  1. Absolutely wonderful designs. I especially love the little mustaches on the treat bags.

  2. Great cake design and I love how you shaped the smash cake into a mustache. The popcorn bags were also a neat idea. The cake looked great on the dessert table. :-)

  3. Super cute!! I too have wanted to do a 'stache cake. :)

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