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Friday, May 17, 2013

Aaaahhh! Zombies got my cake!!!

So judging from the picture above, you are probably thinking that this will not end pretty.  And you are right...kind of;) 

Late last year, my friend Kimber asked me to make her wedding cake.  It was to be a fun and shabby chic kind of event.  The venue was a farm north of Atlanta (Cagle Family Farms)  which made for a beautiful back drop.  If you have never been to north Georgia.....let me tell you, it's really beautiful, especially in the spring and fall.

But before we go any further, let me say.....Kimber is not your traditional bride!  Mostly, the wedding was to be like any simple DIY style wedding. However she wanted the cake to reflect a different side because she creates the Halloween haunted farm at the location.  So zombie cake was the order;)  And though it is not really my style, I was super excited to do something different!

Plus, before we "zombiefy" and cake, we have to make a pretty cake with lots of piping.....what I love most.  So I figured why not make a blog post of it!

And here we go....

First I cover all the cakes in fondant.  It's a four tiered cake....12, 10, 8, and 6 inches round, all 4 inches tall.

It's pretty much all piping.  And the way I like to map it out is to paint it on first.  For those of you who have my Craftsy class Modern Piping, you know that I like to "ghost paint" before I pipe.  If you don't have the class, you should!  Lol!  The top link on the right side of the screen will guide you to the class:)

Basically, it's a mixture of black piping gel and vodka (mostly vodka!).  This creates a very faint paint that will serve as my guide for the piping.   I do this so that if I don't like how the painting looks, I can clean it off and start over before I commit to the piping.....

Here is the solution.  So you can see how light it is.

So I paint it on and it just gives me a faint guide to follow with the royal.

See, then I just follow the lines with the royal.  I am using a number 2 tip.

After the frame work is piped, I go back and add embellishments.

 Looking good!!

Here is the cake all stacked and ready.

And a close up.

 Oh and I also made some sugar flowers to match the ones being used at the event.
So before we get to the "gore"ification of the cake (if that's even a word), let's look at some shots from the wedding....
Aaawww.  So cute...

This picture is really tiny but beautiful.
And this.....
Ahh!  I think she's had too much to drink!  Lol.  Put on some make up girl!  And brush your teeth!  This a wedding for the love of God!

This is a shot from the show ....

also filmed in Atlanta. Just for the record, once I was driving down the street close to the set and I saw a zombie on his cell phone!  It was pretty funny.  I guess the "undead" extras on the show have a bunch of down time.  No pun intended.

Okay the time has come.......if you are squeamish, this might hurt a bit!



AAAAHHHH!!!  I didn't take process pics of the bloody part but it was just a mixture of corn syrup and red food color....oh and because I watch Dexter I knew exactly where to place it;)

Here are some other shots.

The topper was handmade to look like the couple!

Creepy one from Instagram....oh and you can follow me!  @joshuajohnrussell

Also, there was a grooms cake.  She wanted a diver's hat or helmet.  Here are a couple pictures of the target;)

And here is the cake

Pretty cool!  I was proud of how it turned out!!

I think that is all for now!  I have a couple of announcements though....

First, my friend Elisa Strauss has a new Craftsy class that will teach you how to sculpt a dog out of cake!!  God knows you will never learn that from me!!

Here she is...

If you have been doing cake for a while I am sure you are familiar with her books Confetti Cakes and Confetti Cakes for Kids
And here is the dog:)))))

This is a link to the class for 25% discount!  It's well worth the me!!
Okay for real that's all.  Follow the blog for more updates....I have some good stuff in the works with Cake Decoration Heaven, Cake Central Magazine, and Grace Ormonde!!!  Just found out today and I am dying!!! pun intended again;)
Add a comment below and let me know what designers you love or techniques you would like to see.